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Every day, billions of people use Facebook and YouTube. Millions more use Google, Instagram, Pinterest and Bing. Every hour, thousands of potential customers see social media ads. Every second, a person shares something on Facebook. This has made social media one of the most effective methods of advertising, and one of the most cost effective. We use social media accounts to determine a target audience, and then utilize social media outlets to reach out to that same audience. The result is that businesses have more leads and sales, and they get them in one of the most cost-effective ways possible.

Social media remains one of the largest, most profitable industries, and one of the most unique, cost effective ways for businesses to reach their target audience. Web Marketing USA understands the importance of lead generation and brand awareness, reducing customer acquisition costs and has developed a full proof system to get every business the leads that they need. It requires little effort from businesses, is cost effective, and produces astounding results. 

Social media ads remain one of the most cost-effective forms of lead generation, and we know how to use them to find you the perfect leads.

Close more deals with minimal effort.

After hiring Web Marketing USA, there will be a brief consultation period. One of our trained experts will discuss your business and your needs with you to guarantee that we help you achieve your definition of success. Then, you can relax while we do the hard part. All that you need to do is follow up on the leads that we deliver to you.

Web Marketing USA is ready to help you make sure that your ads are the ones being seen, your content is being shared, and your business is booming on social media platforms.We have a proven system that encompasses every aspect of social media marketing and social media management to give you the results that you expect from a digital marketing agency.

Your audience is ready for you

Web Marketing USA will help you determine who your customers are, who your target audience is, and then we will help you reach them. Research data and analytics are used to determine who your perfect audience is, and who your current customers are. Then, that data will be used to determine the perfect target market for your business.

After determining what we believe is your target market, we will take the time to collaborate with you. Do you want to reach out to a specific age group? Are you interested in working with real estate companies instead of private homeowners? We will combine the research from our data analysts with your goals to create your perfect target audience.

Your audience is already ready for you, you just need to reach out to them.

Proven Results

A strong A/B testing plan will allow to drastically increase your ROI while simultaneously increasing your exponential rewards. We measure your customer value, help you decrease your customer acquisition cost and increase your sales to help you achieve success. You will watch your business transform itself from another piece of clutter in an already cluttered corporate world into a magnificent masterpiece that is a step above the rest.

Little effort required

Web Marketing USA will take care of the hard stuff for you. We will analyze the click through rate, the cost per click, cost per conversion, handle non-performing adds, audience targeting and much more. This gives you the time that you need to close deals and manage your business. You can do what you are best at while we take care of the rest for you.

Let us take care of complicated metrics for you as we learn about the behavior patterns of those who will become your customers and make them work for you.          

Our Process

First, we will take the time to listen to your goals and learn about your business. We take time to discuss everything with each client to ensure that you get a personalized marketing plan that will work for you and your target audience. After learning about your business, we will brainstorm ideas with you to help you tell your story to larger audiences. Setting goals is an essential first step in any advertising campaign, especially a social media advertising campaign.

Once you sign up with a social media company like us, we will determine an appropriate budget. We put careful thought into a budget for our clients. The key is to be able to pay for those keywords or ads while still turning a profit from your business. We understand that every business is different, and so are their budgets. Therefore, we strive to work with businesses to maximize profit without going overboard.

After we take over, we will analyze the ads that are already successful in your particular market. Once we conclude what works for your industry, we will design text and image ads to create a funnel that is unique for your business. We will run A/B split testing, show each ad to multiple audiences and monitor your campaign daily. Through daily monitoring, our team will be able to determine whether adjustments need to be made and make them accordingly.

Web Marketing USA will also retarget people that have visited a related page, or individuals that have landed on your website through ads but did not take any action. Several businesses choose to retarget individuals with an ad offering a significant discount to entice customers. Finally, we report insights on a bi-weekly basis for collaboration and reporting purposes. This allows us to make better decisions with you as a company and ensures that you always know what results you are getting.

Web Marketing USA has a team of digital marketing experts that are ready to help you take your social media advertising campaign to the next level. Our team of digital designers will create innovative ads that will appeal to your target audience. Experienced writers will create content for ads and social media accounts to encourage your audience to engage with you, therefore helping to increase sales. Data analysts will keep a close eye on your account. By monitoring your account daily, Web Marketing USA will be able to adjust as soon as we see that something is not working. Instead of a failed ad campaign, the ads will be adjusted so that it is a success. Failure is not an option for us. We simply do not settle for anything other than the results that you want to see.

Free Marketing and Website Audit

Web Marketing USA specializes in SEO, PPC advertising, social media management and advertising, lead generation and web design. The team at Web Marketing USA has a combined total of over 100 years of experience in the industry. When they take on a project, they are determined to see results regardless of how big or small it is. 

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