For high commercial intent searches (someone looking to buy), paid ads get 65% of all clicks

Pay Per Click Marketing

Pay Per Click marketing, or PPC advertising, remains the most popular form of online advertising today. Pay Per Click advertising provides fast results, an edge over the competition and allows businesses to retarget their audience. PPC is often seen as one of the riskier forms of online advertising. However, when PPC advertising is done right by an experienced AdWords company, it is extremely profitable.

Pay Per Click advertising is like the knight in a game of chess. The knight attacks it’s opponents from a “L” shape. This different angle makes it one of the most valuable pieces, and a vital part of any strategic game of chess. Pay Per Click advertising gets to your target audience from another angle, putting you above your competitors quicker than you knew was possible. This makes Pay Per Click advertising an essential part of any advertising campaign. You would not want to play chess without your knights, and we would not want you to do marketing without your PPC advertising either.

If your website is not visible on Google for your keywords, you are missing out on leads this second. By serving your ads on Google, you can significantly increase your sales while reducing your customer acquisition cost and measuring which ad is performing the best.

Businesses are only required to pay for PPC advertising when a person clicks on their website. They do not have to pay for anything for people to see their ad. This means that businesses only have to pay for the visitors they receive from their ad, not for putting the ad up. This helps businesses save money and allows marketing agencies to better determine which ads are working.

Another great benefit to running a pay per click campaign is that businesses can retarget their ads. They can show their banners to people who click through their ads even if they do not buy anything or fill out their information on the website.

Web Marketing USA prefers to work with businesses to define a budget. When a business utilizes PPC marketing, it is easy to spend a significant amount on ads without a good return. This often depends on the method of payment (cost per click, cost per mile or cost per acquisition) and on proper keyword targeting methods. We take the time to discuss this with businesses and look at each client as an individual to determine a viable plan of action to get the results that you are looking for. This allows us to get you the best ROI that we can possibly aim for.

When running a PPC advertising campaign, we consider trends in keyword searches alongside your audience and objectives to find the most optimal strategy for your success. Our PPC management team will always offer recommendations based on proven expertise strategies and marketing knowledge. We will keep you informed and apply solid techniques in PPC advertising to stay ahead of your competition.

When businesses invest in pay per click advertising, they have a wide-open avenue to get incredible click through rates while they are waiting for Google to rank the organic SEO value. PPC advertising increases traffic and increases a website’s overall SEO standings. It gives businesses another angle of exposure for keywords that organic SEO may not be able to penetrate for quite some time. Once you match that expose with incredible content and user experience, the campaign could drive unforeseeable numbers of traffic and conversions for your brand.


We just need a little info to get started

The Process

Web Marketing USA has developed a process to help your business succeed with Pay Per Click Advertising. Our team of marketing experts have the experience and knowledge to implement the perfect plan for you.

Advertising Goals

The first step that we take is to determine what your advertising goals are. Some businesses would like to see themselves succeeding on a global scale while others would like more local business. We take the time to listen to business owners so that we can determine appropriate goals together. This is what helps us be such a successful AdWords company.

Develop a Plan

After we know what your goals are, our marketing team will go to work to develop a plan. We will determine a budget, an appropriate payment method, and begin to work on your PPC advertising campaign.

Choose Relevant Keywords

One of the first things that we do when we get started on a PPC advertising campaign is select relevant keywords. Our SEO experts will research your industry, your audience, and keywords to determine the best, most cost-effective keywords to help you reach out to your audience. At Web Marketing USA, we understand how the algorithm works, and how it matches your ads to your target audience. This allows us to pick the best keywords to get your ads seen.

Creating Ads

Our digital marketing agency offers everything you need, including customized ads. Psychological components, such as colors that appeal to emotions and specific age groups, are considered as well as proven marketing strategies to design successful ads. The wording on ads is also carefully considered. Every single aspect of your ad is designed to reach out to your target audience and entice them.


Once the research and design stages have been completed, we put your plan into action. We place ads on popular search engine results pages, we give you the option of allowing us to optimize your website, and we start to place keywords. This is the beginning stage of your business growing.


After our data team has carefully analyzed your marketing campaign, we will collaborate to discuss success rates of specific ads, and success of the overall marketing campaign. We will work together to determine what is working, and what is not.


Next, we observe our work in action. Our data analysts carefully track which ads are being clicked on, who your customers are, and who your new customers are. We look at what is working, and what is not.


After collaboration, the marketing team will make adjustments as necessary. Ineffective ads will be re-designed. Keywords will be researched again. Current ads may be optimized again. Any part of your marketing campaign that is not bringing in the results that we want to see will have a complete overhaul.


The AdWords team in our company will work on your campaign daily, but you will only receive reports on a bi-weekly basis. In this report, you will receive up to date information regarding your marketing campaign, including the success rate.

When you work with Web Marketing USA, you will receive an AdWords campaign and advice from some of the most experienced PPC experts in the field. Our PPC campaigns are more than just a few ads. They are a comprehensive campaign designed to meet the needs of your business, your individual budget and to get you the success that you crave. 

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